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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Tangled Webs of Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man: The Tangled Webs of Spider-Man - Marvel Comics It was basically parts of the movie in a nutshell.


Torment - Lauren Kate This was much better than the first book! I loved this one and almost constantly read it whenever I found some free time. Can't wait to read the next one!!!

The Rape of the Lock

The Rape of the Lock - Alexander Pope We read excerpts of this. It was...uh....interesting to say the least.


Night - Elie Wiesel, Robert McAfee Brown, Fran├žois Mauriac, Stella Rodway So, it normally doesn't take me four days to read a 109 page book. This was a really good book however, there were quite a few spots that I had to just stop because some of the things are horrifying. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in the Holocaust.


Fallen - Lauren Kate Overall, I thought this book was pretty good. At the beginning it did get slightly confusing and was a bit boring. I finally got really into it towards the middle of the book. The ending of the book was pretty exciting though. It took me so long to read because I was originally just reading it when I had time at school, but it was still pretty good.


It - Stephen King I'm scared to death of clowns. Did not finish it.

City of Bones

City of Bones - Cassandra Clare -SPOILERS-

I'm still in freaking shock over here! Jace is Clary's brother?! D: I'm so disappointed. :(
Anyway, it was a pretty good book though there were parts where I did get a little bored with it but I'm glad I continued on.
Though I must admit, part of me was suspicious about Valentine being Clary's father, either that or Clary's mother had cheated on Valentine but I preferred to go with the first choice. Still wasn't expecting Jace to be Valentine's son and Clary's brother though. :(


Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins I didn't care for the ending of this book. But I liked it overall.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Absolutely amazing!!!! I loved this book!!! It's now my favorite!

Animal Farm

Animal Farm - George Orwell I absolutely DESPISED this book with a passion. I got incredibly bored with it and there were many many times where I just wanted to drop it altogether but I couldn't because it was a book that we were reading in my Sophomore English class. The fact that it's based on History didn't even intrigue me the slightest bit.

New Moon

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer Not as good as Twilight and I did get bored with it after Edward left but it was still pretty good.

There Is No Death: The Extraordinary True Experience of Sarah LaNelle Menet

There Is No Death: The Extraordinary True Experience of Sarah LaNelle Menet - Sarah Lanelle Menet This was an amazing book! Definitely should be read by everyone!